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My Cape Town favourites

I lived in and around Cape Town for only about 2 years and I would recommend a long visit there any day!  Its colourful diversity offers you more than you can handle, everything from the night owl activities to the day-breaker’s passion, Cape Town has got you covered!  Jokes about the ever-changing weather aside… Continue reading My Cape Town favourites



Visual diary: 2013 June/July holidays with family and friends to Mozambique through the Kruger National Park.  We spent a little over a week in Mozambique and about a week in the Kruger as well.  Here are a few camera highlights, the story will follow in a few weeks.  Enjoy! Continue reading Moçambique

Where to start

The amount of times I had to ask myself that question when I decided to study abroad.  It’s been 2 years since but that year will always be remembered.  I would like to share my info and hints, the experience and the variety of processes accumulated from that time so that you too can find your way around the madhouse of paperwork when it comes to applying for a student visa. Continue reading Where to start

Skimming the Tip of Africa

My brothers and I grew up going to L’Agulhas every summer with the family, continuing family tradition from my mom’s side.  This being said, one hardly ever appreciates everything that’s right in front of you: a beautiful town, rocky pools full of life, a nature reserve and around the corner a white sandy beach that seems  almost endless.   Despite the cold water we have learnt to love, the tip of Africa tells so many tales, inviting you into a world where relaxation and adventure go hand in hand… Continue reading Skimming the Tip of Africa

A Little Ladismith Goes A Long Way

No, you’ve probably never heard of this town or countryside called Klein Karoo in South Africa.  But it’s only a matter of time.  Except for the majestic landscapes, fruit and wine farms, and down to earth culture, which already makes this an absolute must for a fun and adventurous breakaway, this region also boasts a lot of raw artistic talent!

Continue reading A Little Ladismith Goes A Long Way

Baby Safe: Restoring Hope to the Abandoned

During my years working as a humanitarian, alongside friends who eventually became just like family, we got to meet and team up with a variety of other Organisations.

I’ll admit, as much as I enjoyed mixing ‘daga’ to lay cement foundations for houses with Habitat for Humanity, or teaching English as a second language, no other organization (or cause) touched and shook me quite like Baby Safe. Continue reading Baby Safe: Restoring Hope to the Abandoned