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Banana bread/muffins

It doesn’t get any easier than this.  Whether you have the busiest schedule or hardly have anything in your kitchen, there is no excuse for not baking this banana bread or muffins.  It’s so quick and easy it’s a joke. Continue reading Banana bread/muffins


Grilled Aubergine Pizzas

Time to break away from the norm again..  Every now and then I treat myself to some of the most amazing inspirational photos and recipe ideas on Pinterest and try ’em out when I get the chance.  I like to experiment so I always tend to alter the recipe (even when it comes to baking..when will I learn?)

This one, however, is quite simple and straight forward: Aubergine with pizza toppings.  It’s completely foolproof and takes less than 20min prep. Continue reading Grilled Aubergine Pizzas