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My Cape Town favourites

I lived in and around Cape Town for only about 2 years and I would recommend a long visit there any day!  Its colourful diversity offers you more than you can handle, everything from the night owl activities to the day-breaker’s passion, Cape Town has got you covered!  Jokes about the ever-changing weather aside… Continue reading My Cape Town favourites


Skim Life

If you’re as big of a skimboard fanatic as I am, you’ll know that the world still hasn’t latched on to this extremely fun, addictive and exhilarating sport.   Did I mention that it’s also one of the top energy burning activities to do in the summer?!

Sure, there are international skim comps here and there but go to a surfshop in Barcelona, or Cape Town, or any other place, and you will most likely be directed to the kiddies pink and baby-blue boards.  With an added ‘you seriously do this?’ face.

So allow me to save you some time when visiting the coast of South Africa.. Continue reading Skim Life