Students Abroad

These are just a few tips and guidelines with my own 2 cents added.  I will share links and keep the information updated for as long as I’m a student in Spain.

I encourage you to still do as much research as you possibly can in order to avoid wasting time and money.  Although South Africans have to fulfill quite the list of requirements, each country still has its different laws and systems.

Always contact your nearest embassy/consulate of the country your planning to go to for more information.  The university you applied to abroad might also be able to help but normally only with a few details.  And you can look up your Department of Foreign Affairs as well.

If you notice the posted date is older then one year, it’s best to assume that the information is outdated and things have probably changed by then.

I’ll be covering Student Visa information

Finding a place to stay

Registering your address once in Spain

Applying for your NIE

Happy unparented travelling! =P

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