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The Best Protein Sources

Not all proteins were created equal!   Some proteins can be harder to digest than others, e.g. the protein in oats compared to the protein in eggs.  Some are complete, others need a little help.  It is generally believed that the amino acids from animal proteins are of the easiest to digest and absorb and are all complete proteins.  But!  Read on to see what a little research would reveal… Continue reading The Best Protein Sources


The Ultimate Low-Down on Proteins and Amino Acids

So, the other day I had a convo about the best protein sources and I realised at a certain point that neither of us knew enough to take the debate to the next level.  Now, for me this is a frustrating place to find myself in, I need to be sure.  I decided to do my own in-depth research on protein sources, amino acids as well as the various diets we can find today. Let’s start with the basics: why do you need to know and eat what you’re about to read? Continue reading The Ultimate Low-Down on Proteins and Amino Acids

Apply HEAT For Better Results

I like raw food.  I like the crispy crunchy.  I like the fresh taste.  I like how quick you can prepare a raw meal.  But I also like to get the most out of my food.  Thus, in order for my food to be all that it can be I have to cook some of them.  “Help me help you!”

Let me just start by saying that boiling veggies to a pulp reduces the nutritional value by 30%,  and when you’re not making a soup you through out the minerals and vitamins with the water.  So watch it…

Here is a list of veggies (that we all normally eat raw) better off with some help added: Continue reading Apply HEAT For Better Results