List of 7: Renewing Your NIE

10 months after you’ve first applied for your NIE you find yourself back on the net, scrambling to get the list of requirements for the next process: renewing that little piece of plastic that insures you stay in Spain a little longer…  Welcome to the real world of never-ending responsibilities!

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard and read a lot about this already, so I will share some inside info along with the list of 7.  Again, remember to make copies of everything, only show the originals, give the copies.  Everything should be presented in Spanish which means if the proof is from your country of origin and Spanish is not one of your national language it is required to be translated by an official translator (registered at the Embassy/Consulate).


  1. Tax.  Yes, you will pay tasa for every, and I mean every service. Go to this page : and select Tasa 052.  Select the province in the map that appears.  Fill the mandatory data and in Autorizaciones y documentos para extranjeros  click option 1.3 which the system will then calculate.  The amount to be paid should be 16,64 euros.  Next, ignore everything but write the código de seguridad, click OBTENER DOCUMENTO and print.  This printout you can take to any bank and they’ll know what to do.  They will keep a copy and give you 2 others in return.

  2. Proof of residence.  For more info refer to Empadronamiento.

  3. Bring your passport and current NIE.

  4. First and foremost, the most obvious of documents.  Download and fill out the application form EX-00 by hand, black pen and in capital letters.  Application form EX-00

  5. As a student abroad you need proof that you’re enrolled for the following year.  They want a letter from your university stating this exact point, plus, confirming that you’ve paid at least the enrolment fee.  The university should also provide you with a stamped and signed certificate of achievement, meaning your past year’s grades.

  6. Medical insurance.  If you are not a European citizen you have to either have proof (legalised) of a medical insurance from your country of origin.  Or get private health insurance in Spain.  In both cases the proof must state that you are cover for the whole duration of your stay.  Again, what no one tells you, the most important info that should be stated is that it’s a complete cover and includes repatriation (seguro privado con cobertura total incluido la repatriacion).

  7. Proof of finance.  Now, this one can seem so straight forward, with 5 different options.  But what no one tells you is that they just want money in a Spanish bank account.  Your options are as follows:
  • A statement of a Spanish bank account showing the last 6 months’ movements, with an average of 532,51 euros received per month (equal to the minimum professional salary) and a final balance of 3192,72 euros.
  • A statement of a Spanish bank account with a minimum current balance of 6385,44 euros.  Both of these options require your name and details and a stamp from the Entity.  This means when the bank asks whether you want the printout that costs 18 euros, you say yes…
  • Proof of scholarship, official and recognised by the European Union.  Make sure it specifies the monthly amount received in euros.
  • Proof of a scholarship or financial assistance from family in your country of origin.  Brace yourself, this document has to be duly legalized but the validation of the Spanish Embassy/Consulate in your country (or your Embassy in Spain) would be accepted as well.  However, I have found that this is the highway…  Not that this should be a problem but there always seems to be a gap somewhere.  The woman who had to attend to my papers looked at my legalised documents and said, ‘But this is not even in euros or pounds’.  When I asked how am I supposed to present my proof of finance, which would have to be converted to euros manually because the bank doesn’t provide this service, thus, making legalising impossible  (because let’s face, currency goes up and down) she just said, ‘put money in Spanish bank account.’  Nice.
  • Maintenance commitment from a relative living in Spain.   This can be in the form of an affidavit or present in person.


Gathered all the papers?  Now get a CITA PREVIA!!  This is your proof of an appointment, you will need to print this (no need to make a copy of this one) and present this on D-day.   Apparently Spain decided to cut down on government workers in the foreign affairs offices because they are way understaffed this year.  You will learn patience once more.

Go on their website and select  Acceder al Procedimiento.   Select the relevant province,  3) Expedición de Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero and Aceptar.  A new page should open, under TRÁMITES DISPONIBLES PARA LA PROVINCIA SELECCIONADA select PRORROGA DE DISTANCIA POR ESTUDIOS.  On the new page you will also find the application form to download.  You can continue to the next step by clicking Entrar and from there you follow the instructions, filling in your details, Aceptar and then Solicitar Cita.  Hopefully there will be an open spot.  If not, keep the faith and try again early morning the next day.

Once you’re finally at the office on D-day and you presented all your documents, SAY YES when they ask whether you’d like an Autorizacion de regreso, a document that allows you one leave and return to Spain while you are without NIE.  If they don’t ask whether you’d like to make an appointment right there and then you’ll have to ask them.  I don’t care how confident you are that you won’t need to leave the country for a long while or that the process will be done before Christmas (5 months away) take the appointment!  Some things are out of your hands, and the NIE renewal can easily take up to 3 months to resolve.

After they’ve started processing your application you can follow the process here: Procedimiento – click processo al procedimiento de consulta – consultar con formulario – fill in your details and consultar.  This will lead you to a page with all your info will also eventually indicate whether your application was successful or not.


For more info regarding the required documents in order to obtain this wonder letter visit ComoConsultingSpain for the exact instructions.

For more detailed info on the renewal process, download this PDP and have a look at UPC’s student desk guidelines: Tramite de la renovacion de NIE_EN

You can also refer to this site to learn from another blogger’s experience or peek at UPF’s guidelines here in PDF.


Good luck and happy queuing!

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