Pharaohs, Mummies and Crocodiles

Visual Diary: 2011 September – November.  A trip I did a couple of years ago, the photos I’m sharing are the ones I cherish most from a photography point of view.  Not all were taken with my DSLR, I had a Sony E. Cybershot cellphone at the time and I must say, it did the job when needed!


Starting in Luxor:



Ruins next to the parking lot at Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut.


Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut.



Guard statues at Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut.


One of the many passages decorated with hieroglyphs at Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut.



A close-up of some of the most common known signs and story-telling in Egyptian history, culture and belief.


The view from one of the accessible corners at the top, towards the eastern river bank of The Nile at Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut.


Enjoying the sunset and shisha at one of the hotels on The Nile.



Humongous pillars at the Karnak temple.


One of the coolest backpackers I’ve ever stayed at!  Calm, next to the water, clean, cold showers, friendly hosts and good food!  If I get to visit Luxor again I will definitely stay here if they’re still around.


Early morning cellphone pics.  The view towards the eastern river bank at Al Salam Camp.



Wandering around in the village West of The Nile.


Hiking in the mountains surrounding Valley of the Kings.

After Luxor, we made our way to Hurghada for a couple of days.

From there to Sharm El Sheikh:


Our chalet at Sharks Bay was literally 20 steps from the mini waves rolling in.  Snorkeling and diving equipment rentals are available everywhere!  The plastic floating pier offers both a convenient get in/out as well as safety from the sharp corals that grow in the shallow waters.  Amazing!


Sharks Bay.


The restaurant and bar on the beach, laid out with carpets, cushions and shishas.



During a round trip across Mt. Sinai, we visited St. Katherine Monastery and stopped for drinks in Doha – a colourful place and diving culture that attracts long-term travelers and adventure-seekers from across the globe.  This restaurant is situated low on the water, you can pay and  then swim/snorkel back to your place.  It’s as idyllic as it sounds.

From Sharm El Sheikh we hopped on the bus to Cairo:


 Market in Cairo center.



Tahrir Square, exactly during the week of peace between 2 major revolts.  I was happy to be there, capture this and lucky to have left a day before the second outbreak.  You can see the burnt building in the background, people and cars in the street leading a normal day-to-day, just for a week.


A little bit of humour…


And of course, what would a trip to Egypt and Cairo be without visiting the Pyramids of Giza on a camel’s back.



I’ve been keeping tabs on the news in Egypt and friends from Cairo have assured me that Egypt is now a stable and safe country since the presidential elections in 2014.  However, in terms of what has been happening in Tunisia and in other parts of the Middle-East, best to do your research thoroughly and have a network/group of people to receive you there.

Adventure is calling but let’s not run off a cliff to get there…=)


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