Visual diary: 2013 June/July holidays with family and friends to Mozambique through the Kruger National Park.  We spent a little over a week in Mozambique and about a week in the Kruger as well.  Here are a few camera highlights, the story will follow in a few weeks.  Enjoy!

First day in the Kruger and we were welcomed by these friendly Vervet monkeys running around and posing oh so photogenically!01

Hold still little brother.  Got an itch on my face! 02

Beautiful view across a unique landscape at the Skukuza rest camp.03

Waking up to this at Letaba (Kruger Park) – I don’t get why some people don’t like camping!04

Well!  Good morning to you too!  Something to keep in mind when driving with your own vehicle in a reserve:  there’s a drive slowly sign for a reason! Other than the fact that you might hit an animal crossing the road, if you scare this big fella and for some reason are unable to get away quick enough… The reserve won’t cover your costs. 05

Giant Kingfisher hoping to spot a snack from up here?  Eish wena, think you’ll be lucky to find any fish in there at all!06

Not going to say what everyone else says with a photo of zebras crossing!  Instead, I’ll call this Transition.  I just love the contrast of green life on the one side and the black burnt bushes on the other.  Maybe the greener side wasn’t better?07

Now across the border, in Mozambique (still in the Kruger Park, though.)  We set up camp on a hill overlooking Massingir Dam in the Gaza province.  Magnificent spot!08

Walking-exploring like I do around camp.  Obviously not too far and not alone.  As much as I love wandering off, a person always have to remember that animals don’t actually talk the way they do in Disney movies…  Or that they understand you like the lions whisperer, Kevin Richardson =)09

Market day every Saturday in Inhambane! Fresh produce, Portuguese chili sauce, coconuts, etc.  You get the idea =)10

Also at the market, the most colourful fish to braai for dinner.  You can find a big variety of ‘fish of the day’ stacked on the tables (not always with ice).  Know your fish colour codes (green, yellow and red) before buying.11

Take a walk in the town of Inhambane and explore a little.  There is a museum that tells historic tales like your grandaddy does.  The old architecture and European influences are astounding but can be heartbreaking as well, seeing that so many of them are in ruins.15

Also in Inhambane, on our way to the pier.12


Enjoying a cold one!  You could say that 2M‘s are one of the main attractions in Mozambique!  That and RnR (Rum n Raspberry Sparletta)  Ask for it wherever when you’re traveling Moz.14

Inhassoro.  Beach camp.  Islands only a few km’s away.  Take me back!  Everyday we had locals on the beach dragging a net of fresh fish out on the beach.  Imagine not having to go look for a place to buy lobster, crabs, prawns, clownfish… They just come to you.  Yes please.16

Inhassoro market day.  You can find just about anything here.  Bargaining is key.  I got 2 memorable tank tops =) Tipo Tinto Rum and 2M Cerveja.19

Just outside Paindane, but really across Mozambique in the rural areas, you’ll see these scattered villages.  Coconut palms everywhere!  I love the simple life, so I find this lifestyle much better than that of the city!17

Came across this group of kidos playing on an old roller.  Wonder how often they roll those sand roads… We got stuck. Like, bad.  And then we had to push.  And then my dad couldn’t stop for us to get back in as it was a hill he needed to drive up.  And it was a long, sandy way up…18

Crossing a huge bridge/construction site (a development project lead by a Chinese company) I found this side of the landscape more interesting.20

Same place.  We passed a couple of women doing laundry but there’s no village in sight.  A classic and beautiful memory: just a day out doing a little laundry with the girls.  You know, taking in the paradise landscape and warm African sun.  Just another laundry day.21



These are only a few memories of our fun we had in Mozambique.  Check in again in a few weeks to read the story, insider tips and secret locations!



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