Granada, Spain

Visual diary: winter wonder, first New Years in Spain (2013-2014) and spent it in Granada.  I lost myself in the mysteries of this city, especially in the old quarters, the cultural diversity and history – fascinating and alluring.

I didn’t take nearly enough photos to do this beautiful and vibrant city justice, you’ll have to take my word for it go yourself!

I stayed in a sweet backpackers, Itinere Hostel, run by globetrotters, working their way around the world.  What an exciting time it was exchanging travel tales!  They also run a professional language school.

This was the view from one of my dorm windows.IMG_1478

And this from another…IMG_1481

Best way to explore is by foot!IMG_7869

Because I love those stone alleys.  These are in El Albaicin.IMG_1474


There are many traditional baths. Try one!IMG_7901

Carrera del Darro, a scenic walk next to the canal, leading to some hidden gem restaurants, coffee shops and mountain trails.   Have a phone with Google Maps ready…IMG_7885


And yonder she was!  Sierra Nevada, covered in a blanket of snow one morning while hiking up for a morning view over the city.IMG_1465

And the view was well worth the chill!  Look towards the left on the hill lies the majestic El Alhambra.IMG_1470


Continuing the exploration over the hill, we found this wall.IMG_7915


And a new neighbourhood!IMG_7918


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