Amsterdam & Keukenhof

Visual diary: photography bliss in The Netherlands during Spring 2014.  We spent most of our time in the streets of Amsterdam, exploring the rich in arts and history side of this city.

In and around the city you will find bikes and canals.IMG_2161

The orange lion is everywhere…IMG_2187

Rembrandt van Rijn statue.IMG_2339

You will find ducks and seagulls close to the canals.IMG_8042

In the flower market, Bloemenmarkt.IMG_2168


Close to the previous photo, we discovered this hidden treasure of chocolate galore!IMG_2210

Right outsidethe Van Rijn Museum (a must to visit by the way!)IMG_2317

Inside the Van Rijn museum (pictures allowed!)IMG_2306

The Heineken museum.IMG_2320



Queuing for Anne Frank’s House (also a must!) IMG_2413

Keukenhof Gardens, a short bus ride from Amsterdam.IMG_8048






Tulip parade and floats at Keukenhof Gardens.IMG_2379


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