Skimming the Tip of Africa

My brothers and I grew up going to L’Agulhas every summer with the family, continuing family tradition from my mom’s side.  This being said, one hardly ever appreciates everything that’s right in front of you: a beautiful town, rocky pools full of life, a nature reserve and around the corner a white sandy beach that seems  almost endless.   Despite the cold water we have learnt to love, the tip of Africa tells so many tales, inviting you into a world where relaxation and adventure go hand in hand…


Ok, so the tip of Africa get’s a lot of wind, all year around, which is why it’s also a kitesurfing hotspot.  There are fishing spots everywhere, snorkeling attractions around the rocks and wrecks, and charter boats are also available for fishing trips.   Then there’s Struisbaai, the nearest beach, right around the corner.  It offers a big playground to bodyboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, paddle skiing and obviously swimming.  But the clear, light blue water and snow white beach on a sunny day also makes for perfect skimming! The long and wide wave spreads across the beach, during low-tide it’s almost flatland style!  Perfect for beginners but also if you have an epoxy and already capable of reaching waves 5 m in you’ll have a blast!


This past December’s summer we have thoroughly enjoyed every corner and every minute of this Southern gem.  If you have time to explore this area, don’t hesitate to chat to any of the locals (or even the peeps who are like locals but they don’t live there…) People on this side of the world are friendly and want to share the beauties of nature and attractions such as the beacon point where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet.




About a 4 hour drive East, away from the southern tip, up the coast on the N2 we also visited Buffelsbaai (Buffalo Bay) after the Saturday morning Sedgefield market.  A beach a little more well-known, thus, a little more populated.  But this white sandy beach leads to Brenton-on-Sea, a whole 4,5 km, so there is lots of space if you don’t necessarily need to keep within the lifeguard’s range.

Skimboarding here has always been one of my favourites because the beach break is different every few meters, providing lots of space for different styles.  It’s also quite flat most of the time, especially on the main beach, so again, perfect if you’re still getting into the hang of things.

During summer holiday season you’ll find gazebo’s renting surfboards and offering surfing lessons as well.  And when you’re done with the sun you can enjoy a drink or ice cream at the restaurant situated right on the beach.

Something to keep in mind when traveling the Garden Route during summer holidays: plan accommodation well in advance.  This is a very popular destination during peak beach season, stomping and trampling is very much a reality in a lot of beach towns and on beaches.

Safe travels and always read up on safety precautions when visiting beaches!

PS:  For well updated feeds about conditions regarding safety in the  water, search for the NSRI news feeds of that location or talk to the lifeguard on duty.


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