A Little Ladismith Goes A Long Way

No, you’ve probably never heard of this town or countryside called Klein Karoo in South Africa.  But it’s only a matter of time.  Except for the majestic landscapes, fruit and wine farms, and down to earth culture, which already makes this an absolute must for a fun and adventurous breakaway, this region also boasts a lot of raw artistic talent!

There are a lot of musicians I would like to review and promote from across South Africa, so I’ll start with these and work my way around.


If you are a good ole’ Rock n Roll fan, I’m talking solid riffs, decent drumming and long hair, Jo Ellis Band is your band.  Jo, leadman, insane guitarist and musician, is also a producer and runs his own studio called Blooroom.  You can check him out on Soundcloud. He writes, he plays, he sings and he records.  His music is as versatile as he is and comes in both English and Afrikaans.


Another band with a Rock feel, though to me more of a Garage and playful Fender genre, is Willim Welsyn en die Sunrise Toffies, or as he is known today as William Welfare.  William recently released a new album, all in English,  which was also recorded in Jo’s Blooroom studios.  His previous albums had more Afrikaans songs but it’s still the same personality on stage we all know and love!  You can listen to all of his music on Soundcloud.


A solo and acoustic act with a broad genre range and a crowd favourite wherever he picks up his guitar, is Francios Haasbroek & Band.  I would categorize his music as laid back, easy listening, folk and obviously acoustic.  He performs solely for the love of music and that’s exactly what you get from his music: pure enjoyment.  Find him on Soundclound and book him for your next event!  Though this is an Afrikaans boy, most of his songs are English and acoustic versions of all time favourites.


And then finally a lady, Grethe van der Merwe brings a new and fresh breeze into the dry Karoo.  Her music encapsulates her love for Cabaret, as well as Light and easy listening infused with a little Afrikaans Folk.  Only recently has she released her debut called Ver Van Hier (Far From Here) and already bookings and CD’s are sold widely and quickly.  She is a talented pianist and well rounded artist.  Plus, she’s not afraid of a challenge!  She has just finished a recording with South African metal band Strident, listen to it here.  Her whole album is in Afrikaans, with the exception of 3 English songs, find it on Soundcloud as well.

If you are interested in seeing South African art live then read on!

Every year thousands of people flock to the annual national arts festival in Oudtshoorn, in short known as the KKNK (Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees), to watch dances, theater performances, live music and art exhibitions.  If you are an arts enthusiast and want a true Afrikaans and South African arts and culture experience, this would be the ultimate destination and date!  Visit their official site to browse and book your seats to some of our most talented artists!


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