Re-Design Europe

The first weekend in November will soon be annually remembered and celebrated as Europe’s showcase of new talent, groundbreaking projects and, as the name states, creativity beyond your imagination.

This year, from 6 – 8 November at the Disseny  HUB Barcelona, ADC*E launched the first European Creativity Festival, subtitled “Re-Designing Europe”, as if the name itself wasn’t alluring enough.  This well-organised festival consisted of various professional creatives talking, sharing and sometimes debating, specialties ranging from graphics to advertising to products, etc.  It was mindblowingly inspiring and I definitely recommend this to any student and other professionals looking to burst through the walls of their minds, we are all a part of the creative industry.

“Discover how creativity is changing the world”

How’s that quote for sparking an interest?  And how true.  Over the course of the festival one thing was made beyond clear: an idea can be as powerful as a big wave hitting you into a reality, a light goes on and you smile.  You get it, you can relate to it.  Some of the most amazing projects were such simple solutions to create awareness, be graphically more attractive, solving an actual problem or just something that would provide internet across the globe no matter where you are.


Here are a few pics of some of the awesome projects presented:

Project Loon Balloon

Project Loon Balloon  


She loves doors..

She loves doors..  This project was very interesting in the sense that it was so out of this world!  I mean, why can’t you make rubber copies of really detailed doors and turn it into furniture?  Read more about her story and how she helps people preserve sentiments.


Gregor Zakelj – VBG


Miguel Januário

Miguel Januário


Saturday morning held a 2 hour workshop session with some of the creatives.  Included in the price, you could choose any of the following exciting sessions: Learn by funding – Goteo,  Co-creation – Platoniq, The body point of view – Jader Tolja and Patrizia Boglione, Data visualization – Outliers, or Music to watch – Trafalgar 13.

The festival also collaborated with ADC*E Awards, namely “Best of European Design and Advertising Awards”.  The competitions and awards associated with ADC*E are quite prestigious in Europe and normally comes with an array of open doors and new opportunities.   The ceremony and announcements of the Grand Prix of 2014 was part of the closing party at a proudly local favourite, Fabrica Moritz, a bar and restaurant at night, and a microbrewery and store during the day.

Not too shabby for a first time festival.  I’m predicting 2015 will have a major turnout in creativity and even more creatives!  Hope to see you in the crowd!


For more info on the festival (time, place, workshops and schedules), ADC*E, the Design HUB of Barcelona/Museum, check out the following links.



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