A Techo Over Your Head

Let’s keep this short and practical, if you’re here reading this you must be desperate =)

There are a few sites to check out but if you’re feeling lucky on Google, I suggest you learn a few basic Spanish words to help the search along:

Alquiler piso means to rent a flat, punch in that, with the name of the city and area you want to stay in and you’ll have some less touristic options.  Habitaciones means rooms, baño means bathroom and cocina means kitchen.  Sometimes the sites have an English version, and if not, your web browser will probably automatically translate it.  But if you’re operating from a phone these few words mentioned will go a long way.

If you’re looking to live solo or at least be the name on a contract you will need a few things:  To rent a flat you need a NIE, your passport or any identity document.  Second, a Spanish bank account, which is somewhat complicated to open if you don’t have a NIE.  But it’s not impossible, each bank is obligated to sign you up for their health insurance if you don’t have a NIE.

If you’re only looking for flat share/to rent a room in a flat then you will have less hassles and you’ll probably learn more about other cultures.  And yourself.. =)

Enough chitchat, get searching for that Spanish lifestyle you’ve been waiting to experience!

Below you will find good, popular and frequently updated sites to check out:





segundamano.es (also for secondhand goods)



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